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    FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is my hair not growing?
    The hair goes through a cycle that includes, growing phase, anagen; the regressing phase, catagen; and the resting phase, telogen. This cycle determines the length your hair will grow to. For example your hair grows to the length of 30cms long. This cycle take approximately 100 days. Once the cycle is complete the hair drops and the new hair begins the going through the cycle. Therefore, your hair is continuously growing but, may never reach your desired length due to the formation of your hair growth cycle. For longer or thicker hair, hair extensions are recommended. They can be attached using various non damaging methods to your own hair such as sew-in, clip-in, and loops. Regular conditioning treatments, scalp massage and exfoliation can help hair to grow and using heat protection products when using hot tools is also advised to minimise breaks and damage. Speak to us today about the Human Hair Extensions we offer.

    How can I get thicker hair?
    There are numerous products on the market that can assist with thickening the hair. Mostly these products use bulking agents that coat the hair making it seem thicker however, can be unhealthy for the hair. It is best to use products that are paraben free. Parabens are chemical compounds that can damage the hair can be found in thickening hair products. The best way to naturally achieve thicker hair is to eat a nutritious diet full of vitamins, minerals, omegas and amino's. Hair toppers and Hair Extensions can be used to add to the overall volume of the hair and create a fuller, thicker look. Human Hair extensions can be treated like your own hair and can be coloured and styled to match your hair to achieve a naturally thicker look. Hair toppers can also be used to provide thickness in particular areas that the hair is thin or fine.

    Does wearing a wig make your head itch?
    Wigs usually do not cause itching. The natural hair can be braided and covered or just covered using a wig cap or net. If the natural hair is tucked away comfortably, the wig should cause no itching. Washing the natural hair regularly and scalp massage can help to ensure the scalp remains hydrated and minimise the risk or irritation and itching. We can provide you with a wide range of products that will help with itchy scalps and assist with reducing the risk of future irritation or itching.

    Will people know that I am wearing a Wig?
    Professional Wigs, specifically ones made by hand using excellent quality human hair, look and move like natural hair. They are applied using methods that ensure the wig is secure and looks and feels natural. It would be quite difficult for someone to know that you are wearing a wig. Wigs can be made in any colour, style or length and made using various textures. Finding a colour, style and texture that suits you will help to make sure the wig looks and feels natural. As we are experienced Wig fitters and makers, we can make your wig to fit perfectly and ensure you get the most natural looking wig possible.

    Where should I store my Wig?
    Storing your Wig on a Wig stand is recommended. This will help to minimise tangling and flatness. Storing it in a clean, dry, dust free area away from sources of heat and flames is also best for the Wigs protection.

    How do I wash my Wig?
    Washing your Wig regularly will help to minimise risk of build up dirt, dust and products. Keeping a clean Wig ensures it stays healthy, nourished and prolongs its life span. You can treat the Wig as you would your natural hair. Gentle shampooing, conditioning and combing works best. The Wig can be left to air dry, this will help to stop frizz, heat damage and causing damage to the hairs shafts.

    What is a Hair Topper?
    Hair Toppers are small Hair pieces or units that are added to the top part of your head. They are commonly used to cover thinning areas, add in layers, change your style, or add volume. They can be attached in various ways such as with clips, sewn in (to braids made with your natural hair), or looped in. We offer made to measure toppers and can create hair pieces to attach into any part of your hair where you feel additional hair is required.

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