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Jan 17, 2022
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The primary goals of any type of content are to retain audiences, get them interested in what you write, and attract customers. The frequency and quality of posts are two key factors that influence the promotion of your site or SMM. A content plan helps you determine the necessary order of posts, maintain their frequency, and prepare them in advance, which leads to their quality.What is a content plan for?The sphere of content marketing means regularly publishing a wide range of texts on different topics. It offers the widest reach to the audience and effectively influences the conversion. However, endlessly searching Google for what to write is a time consuming and truly exhausting thing. To maintain the frequency of outings and not spend nights sitting in front of the PC or laptop, it is better to use the content plan.According to research from the company Impact conducted in 2017, around 89% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers use Cyprus Mobile Number List content marketing methods and sure today the numbers are being increased. However, only 37% (B2B) and 40% (B2C) of them prefer to plan their content; which is less than half. The vast majority of content marketers simply don't understand the importance of planning. They prefer to create content "on the fly" forgetting the rational approach which is extremely important in the management of commercial sites.Content marketing usage in B2B and B2C companiesManaging personal blogs, creative pages, etc. may be based on inspiration, as they are probably not considered commercial. But their planning is also advisable. .Commercial sites and pages should be promoted according to an individually developed marketing system. Which is usually based on business goals, audience interests, topics, site sections, etc.Such an approach is extremely important for large sites with several business directions. Maintenance of all subjects is required and cannot be skipped due to the need to promote certain goods or services. Also, it helps to maintain and arouse the interest of the audience.Search for competitorsEffective content planning cannot be fully published without studying competitors. Using Serpstat tools, you can generate a list of competitors by a certain keyword, see their most popular posts, and keywordThe Top by Keyword tool in the Keyword Research section of Serpstat will give you all the information based on a given keyword and make a list of top competitors. You can easily study each of the sites listed.
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